DIET ANALYSIS – Receive a computerized analysis and customized recommendations for improving nutrient balance.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – Learn about programs for weight loss (10 day Herbal cleanse, Lean in 13 and 24 day challenge), weight gain, or maintaining a healthy weight. Find out your optimal calorie intake, based on your weight goals and activity level.

DISEASE PREVENTION – Gain knowledge about dietary changes for lowering risks of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases.

DRUG-NUTRIENT INTERACTIONS – Prevent nutritional deficiencies related to use of prescription or over-the-counter medications, and/or supplements and herbs.

FOOD ALLERGIES/ SENSITIVITIES – Find out if allergies or sensitivities cause fatigue, headaches, gastro-intestinal upset, or other ways of feeling poorly.

WELLNESS & HEALING THROUGH FOOD – Address specific health concerns with diet. Includes plans for diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions.

DETOXIFICATION PLAN – A cleansing detoxification plan can increase immunity, improve energy, and well-being. Make it a yearly ritual for optimal health.

WOMEN’S NUTRITION – Address nutrition for pregnancy, planning for pregnancy, and support for breast-feeding or concerns about PMS, menopause and osteoporosis.

INFANT/CHILD NUTRITION – Learn useful dietary guidelines for infants and children in various age groups. Get strategies for introducing new healthy foods into the diet.

WHOLE FOODS BASED DIETS – Receive meal plans and guidance toward eating fewer processed foods and moving towards a more nutritious whole foods based diet.

VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, AND SPECIAL DIETS – Receive meal planning, cooking ,and shopping guidelines for balanced nutrition based on your dietary preferences.

PRE & POST BARIATRIC SURGERY DIETS -Support for pre-surgery preparation along with post-surgery education on dietary transitions to optimize recovery and safely maximize weight loss.  Experienced with the following surgical procedures: band, gastric bypass and vertical gastrectomy (sleeve).

SPORTS NUTRITION – Boost your energy level; gear up for a 10K, marathon; or just enjoy an active vacation.  Learn the best strategies for improving your post work-out recovery and sports performance with nutritional changes.

GROCERY STORE TOURS – Become a knowledgeable shopper at the supermarket, farmers market or health food store.  Learn to decipher food labels. Stock your kitchen with healthy essentials and improve upon your current shopping habits.

SUPPLEMENT EVALUATION – Have your nutritional supplements evaluated to determine if you’re getting the most support from both food and supplements for your particular health needs.  A great way to find out if you can improve your vitamin and mineral regimen, prevent over-dosing.  And potentially simplify, and save money.