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Representative List of Topics:

  • Raising Your Metabolism: Learn how to eat more food without gaining weight. This talk includes the principles of balanced healthy eating, menu planning that promotes fat burning, and practical menu choices.
  • The New Food Obsession: Low Carb Eating: Low carb diets and products are everywhere today—it’s enough to make us all wonder whether we should avoid them. Offers facts about the role of carbohydrates and how they fit into nutritional guidelines, as well as ways to deal with media, restaurant and food industry messages.
  • Evaluating Nutritional Supplements and Fads: Become adept at evaluating the claims of popular diets, so you can choose the healthiest path for your nutrition. Reviews diet fads including Atkins, Zone, and herbal weight loss supplements, and addresses the scientific basis behind them.
  •  Manage Your Weight for a Lifetime: Get on the right track to steady weight loss and life-long health. This motivational talk highlights key nutritional and behavioral steps of starting and sticking with a healthy weight loss process.
  • Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle: Are you a “weekend warrior” or exercise buff? Then you need the sports nutrition guidelines and training menus provided in this talk. Offers tips for pre- and post-event eating and hydration, as well as advice about using sports beverages, energy bars and gels, and ergogenic aids.
  •  Dining Out and Staying on Track: Learn how to decipher menu lingo so you can pick the healthiest menu items. Describes how to balance frequent dining out with a long-term healthy eating plan.
  •  The Benefits of Dairy in Your Diet: Discover the role of dairy in your diet, and how foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese can strengthen the body’s immune system and promote even weight loss. Explores the relationship of dairy (especially yogurt) to beneficial intestinal bacteria, as well as other benefits of dairy intake.
  •  Veggie Talk: Explore the advantages and challenges of limiting meat intake and the nutrition concerns of a vegetarian diet. Covers healthy menu planning, getting enough protein, and ways to avoid anemia and muscle loss.
  •  Tackling the Fat in Your Diet and on Your Body: practical solutions for lowering the fat in your diet, thus lowering your body’s fat consumption. Reviews common dietary practices that lead to hidden fat intake.
  • Quick and Easy Menu Planning: Build a healthy eating plan based on balanced and nutritionally sound menus. Specifics covered include portion sizes, healthy food options, meal variety, and quick recipe ideas.
  • Shopping Overhaul: What to Look for at the Grocery Store: Develop your own healthy shopping list with information gained in this talk. Explains how to evaluate labels for fat, sodium and fiber content, as well how to shop cost-effectively and avoid the traditional temptation triggers.
  •  Getting in Touch with Emotional Eating and Hunger: Learn practical solutions for breaking emotional eating cycles. Reviews common mood states, environmental influences, and common behavioral patterns that lead to emotional eating.
  • The Dieting Temptation: Why do so many kids today begin dieting at such a young age? The body needs certain nutrients to develop properly, and many diets do not provide everything a growing body needs. This talk offers tips for dealing with negative massages about body image, steps toward healthy eating habits, and information about how a healthy diet can help prevent many health issues.
  • Dying to Be Thin: An Introduction to Nutrition Therapy: Gain insights into the connection between the psyche and eating habits. Covers disordered eating, body image, and emotional issues, and the effective and healthy solutions that nutrition therapy can provide.
  • Performance Nutrition for Runners: An inspirational and practical presentation for runners. Covers pre- and post-event nutrition and hydration, how to achieve peak performance, and what to avoid. This talk is popular with marathon training and other running teams.

Topics Recently Added

  • Decreasing Nutrition Obsessions
  • Preventing Eating Disorders with Good Nutrition
  •  Non Diet Approaches to Healing with Nutrition
  •  Performance Nutrition for Athletes
  • Back to school healthy lunches
  •  How to be a Healthy Vegetarian
  • How to Combat Diet Messages through Health and Food Advertising
  •  Play with Food – For Younger Audiences